Tuesday, June 21 class

“Here we go!”

Tour de table

“how are you feeling, how are you doing today?”

Good, very good, very very good, (not bad, bad)

“Did you speak French today?” “What did you do today?”

Rostomi: I went for a walk. Streets of Nice, the “Promenade des Anglais” nobody knows. “You are very pretty Stephanie

Eka: I went to the vaccination center, had Nikola vaccinated, and we made an appointment with the doctor for the booster on 16/07. I went to register Nika at school.

Nika: I played on Mum’s smartphone, games in French. Suggestion: use the free Duolingo application.

Pikria: I went to the dentist. Past tense, use of “chez le…”. I said hello in French.

Naira: I went to the physiotherapist. I said hello in French.

Francesco: It was my day off. I went to the beach with my cousin. I said a few words of French to some people.

I packed my suitcase” game

First round with pen, paper, phone, bottle of water, notebook, cold medicine (are you for it or against it?), Georgia wine. The grapes are picked in September-October, crushed with the feet or with a press, and ready to drink in December.

Second round with clothes: shoes, shorts, T-shirt, pants, glasses, coat,


What did you think of the course?

I thought, you thought, he thought … passé composé

I’ve been thinking about you Stephanie, Have you been thinking about me?

1200 hours to learn French. Use every opportunity.