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Find out how Les Maisons de Joseph is committed to making a concrete difference in the lives of excluded people. 

Our actions speak louder than words, and our dedication is visible in our activities and results.

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Our Commitment to Inclusion

At Les Maisons de Joseph, our mission is to break down the barriers of exclusion and build a more inclusive future for all. We are committed to offering unwavering support to those who are excluded, whether it’s language learning, psychological support, socio-cultural activities or street outreach.

Our work is based on the idea that every individual deserves a fair chance, support and space to develop. Join us in our quest to create inclusive and supportive communities.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers! Read our FAQ to learn more about Les Maisons de Joseph and our commitment to inclusion.

Les Maisons de Joseph is an association dedicated to the fight against exclusion, offering FLE courses, psychological support, socio-cultural activities and street outreach.

You can contact us using the form on our website or by e-mail. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our volunteers are dedicated professionals and people passionate about our mission, offering their time and expertise to support our actions.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us using the form on our website. We’re always on the lookout for people willing to get involved.

Yes, we accept donations to support our activities. You can make a regular or one-off donation on our Hello Asso page.

Les Maisons de Joseph collaborates with various associations and organizations to strengthen our mission, including the Maison d’Accompagnement Psychologique du Traumatisme, Human Being, and other local partners.