Revisions Oct 2022

We did 11 courses together. I offer you revisions to do at home, everything that follows can be found in the course summaries:

  • Getting to know each other: introduce yourself in at least 5 sentences and ask at least 5 questions.
  • Saying hello, asking how things are going in different ways, answering the question “How are you?” in different ways.
  • Tell what I did today
  • Explain why I’m learning French, and how I’m learning French.
  • Present tense conjugations: to be, to have, to want, to eat, to go
  • Describe my movements, give movement commands.
  • Conjugate the following verbs in the past, imperfect, present, future and near future tenses: to go, to eat, to do
  • Express feelings of hunger, cold, heat, sleep, etc.
  • Compound past tense, choice of auxiliary to be or to have
  • Asking questions using “How much?
  • Know the alphabet, nasals, compound vowels, how to read and pronounce them.
  • Reading and comprehension of texts: La Grenade, Comme d’habitude, Déjeuner du matin.
  • The colors
  • Talking about your country

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