Course summary for Tuesday, October 4

Conjugation of the verb “Aller” in the present tense :
I’m going to
You will
He/she will
We will
You will
They will

Examples of use:
Sense 1, displacement : I’m going to school – Nikola is going to school
Meaning 2, near future: Nikola is going to learn French. Tonight I’m going to watch TV, eat pizza and go to bed.
Sens 3, как дела? come stai? Nikola is fine. How are you? How are you?

Find interrogative words :
How’s Nikola?
Are you all right?
Where are you? (где ты?)
Where are you going? (Куда идёшь?)
When will you be back?
Who are you with?
What are you doing?

Past tense with the auxiliary to be or to have :

I went to Georgia
I fell
I was born
I came and I went
I went for a walk (! reflexive “me”)
I swam
I ran
I’ve been working

Drawing of verbs with “to be”.

Conjugation of the verb “to eat” past-present-future :
I have eaten I am eating I will eat
I ate I will eat
Compound past: result of action
Imperfect: action that lasts. “I was eating when Eka arrived”.

Exercise: talk for two minutes
“My name is Alma, I’m 38, I have three children a daughter and two sons, I live in Nice in France, I don’t know, I’m Kazak I come from Kazakhstan, I speak Russian and Turkish, and now I’m studying French, this summer I went to the sea, I swam, I ate at the sea, I lay down, I walked, I went to the mountains to visit my friend, that’s all. My bag.”
“I live on Rue de Nice on Fabron, I’m Georgian, I arrived in France in 2022 on the second of May, I’ve been here for 5 months, now I go to the secours catholique for French lessons, I’m learning French with teacher Maxime, I need to learn French because I live in Nice, every day I train with YouTube, with Duolingo and other applications to learn faster. Every morning I take Nicolas to school.
“One two three, today I’m going to school for French class, and then I’m going home, tonight I’ll go for a walk – with whom?”
“I have 4 children, I love to cook, with Francesco we’ll be cooking Georgian and Italian food, and we’ll come here to eat it all.”


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