Tuesday, July 19 class

Break schedule We’re all here Everyone has arrived Expression “everybody Here we go! Let’s get started! As usual / as always Tour de Table : how are you? and what did you do today? I went to the beach, I went to the sea. I can’t swim I bathed I love the sea I’m afraid […]

Thursday, July 14 course

Pronunciation, sentence repetition : I’d like to be friends with you I speak French, I don’t speak French I have no documents I don’t have any proof I have no proof. I have no proof. Silva, could you find some shoes for me? Silva, thank you for always being so cheerful! Fanny, you’re so pretty! […]

Tuesday, July 5 class

Schedule breaks 25mn/5mn, Tour de table How are things? Blank sheet exercise Write in French for 2 minutes Copy for those who can’t make it Using the “learning while you sleep” videos Exercise : Do things and say out loud what you’re doing. I get up, I walk, I sit down, I raise an arm, […]

Thursday, June 23

Conjugate the verb to go
Interrogative pronouns
How to learn French
Why learn French